There are several articles written hoping to solve problems around confidence and your own brand. Every article differs as the writers provide their views on the subject. Heres our attempt at it as each of our experience varies from the other. 

Growing up, we all come from different environments. I grew up in a busy city, where I made several mistakes and learnt life lessons on how to survive the big city life. Where I grew up, there were several scammers, and I had my share of mistakes to learn from and act accordingly. 

The school I went to, although very good had 75 kids in each class. I had to really work hard to learn in that environment. I was not popular. I had my group of friends who enjoyed my company, while others who were more popular left me alone. I had occasions where someone would not want to do a project with me as I was just another  person. I learnt not to react to these things early in life. I was somehow very confident in who I was and  I did not care about others or what was happening around me. 

 Maybe this was because my focus at that time was more on my family and what we were going through. The rest did not matter. 

As I grew up and became very good at what I did professionally, I realized that there was a lot more that I need to learn. Till I started my own company, I did not realize that I would get affected by rejections. I had to learn that later in life. It was funny that I had no care in my earlier days and rejections did not bother me. Later on, it did as it was tied to being successful! 

Here are some lessons I learnt or followed 

  1. I did not care or get carried away by popular people or their behavior. 
  2. I had my own group of friends who cared for me and we supported each other in our own way. 
  3. I knew where my strengths were and I played to those. 

I had a few friends who tried very hard to be with the popular group or to get their attention. They had more pain than anything else. 

In fact, I started knowing some of the popular kids during my senior year, as I took some additional tuition classes. They were in them as well. I realized that they were not that bad and vice versa. I am still in touch with them but I did not force it. It just happened. 

  1. There will be opportunities in life where things will happen  organically. Let them happen. Focus on your priorities. 
  2. DO NOT get carried away or be upset over someone else’s behavior. Their behavior is not in your control. 
  3. Appreciate your family. They are doing what they can to give you a good education and a safe environment. Stay close to your roots. They will always be there to support you 
  4. Work on creating relationships with people who enjoy your company. Do not gate crash a party when you were not invited. Let it go. You will have fun regardless. Even if the company is a good old BOOK! 

Books can be great. You don’t need to be with people all the time. Balance is everything. Reading a good book can give you the thrill as well. 

Just some lessons I learnt along the way. 

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